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HostEase always pays attention to the customer experience, and continues to optimize our products, so that every customer can enjoy cost-effective server products.


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Hostease has a mature technical support team that can quickly respond to customer questions

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Assistant Manager

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Customer Evaluation

Let’s take a look at how users feel about Hostease hosting servers.

HostEase is the most reliable web hosting company I have come across. If you are looking for a dedicated server or Shared Hosting, you can take a look at HostEase, the price/performance ratio is pretty good!

Kevin Andrew Assistant Manager

I have been using Hostease web hosting and servers for over 5 years and they have never let me down and their service has been timely and reliable since opening my first US web hosting account.

Kevin Pieterson Manager

The US virtual hosting and Hong Kong server I bought from Hostease have a good experience. Their products and services are pretty good, and I have recommended them to my friends to buy.

Anna Belle CEO